Sunday, July 7, 2013

Provocative Attire

As an adolescent, I dressed in provocative clothing for a time because I liked the attention I received from guys and thought it was a great way for guys to notice me.  What is faulty and incorrect about this assumption is that the men who noticed me were not looking at me acknowledging me as a person or as a respectable, worthwhile girl to pursue, get to know, and be in a meaningful relationship with!  They were simply drawn to my appearance and because of it, when I spoke with them, the very clothes I wore that I felt made guys be attracted to me were also the very reason why they did not get to know ME as a person.

If only girls could realize that dressing in provocative attire and men and guys finding you appealing thereby does NOT mean they care for you directly.  They are strictly drawn to your physical appearance and truly can’t even concentrate on who you are as an individual because they are so drawn to your outfit (or lack of clothing).  It bothers me that so many girls, even “Christian” girls, dress in such a way and act flirtatious toward guys simply for the fun of the moment and the attention it brings.

I question why girls cannot see this so clearly.

Girls, this really is a serious issue and a GREAT struggle for men.  And being tempted by how someone looks is not a worthwhile exchange…it is simply human nature being aroused by a girl who is barely dressed and perverse thoughts are sure to follow.  We as females desire to be wanted and attractive, yet we must realize that beginning at the standpoint of dressing in revealing clothes in order to receive feeling wanted is the wrong premise to start with.

Let us give our hearts, lives, and purity to the Lord and ask Him to prepare us for our future husbands and keep us pure in all ways as we wait on His perfect timing (and take the necessary steps to do so!).


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