Monday, July 22, 2013


As I find beautiful photos of God's marvelous creation to post on my blog, I can't help but question how stunning heaven will be...being in the presence of God forever!  We cannot even begin to fathom the beauty heaven will hold!  What greater joy, what greater delight, what greater blessing than to spend eternity with our God and Savior face to face forever in heaven!

It amazes me how people will choose to live a sinful lifestyle (no matter the sin) at the expense of accepting God's salvation and then walking in purity and godliness before Him all our days.

If only people could see that giving up our sins of choice and living wholeheartedly for God as we walk this earth is worth it!  It is worth walking in repentance, it is worth being set apart for God, it is worth waiting on His timing as He prepares us for our future husband/wife.  It is worth giving up going to clubs, parties, and bars.  It is worth giving up flirtatious behavior and intimacy with whomever we please before we are married.  It is worth serving God from a willing and surrendered heart.

What beauty the Lord has created on this earth!  Can you imagine how lovely and perfect it will be in heaven?

May God open our eyes to see that nothing can compare to knowing Him and living our lives for Him and then spending eternity with God forever in true paradise!


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