Thursday, July 25, 2013

Consequences of Viewing Pornography

Pornography is an issue people do not speak out about often enough and it is a serious issue and a sin that not only brings addiction, it also ruins relationships and destroys our minds, our view of others, and exaggerates and distorts our view of intimacy because the sex we view in pornographic photos/videos is NOT realistic of sex in real life.  Pornography is merely fantasy where YOU are in control and can have multiple partners (in your mind, that is) and leads to masturbation and worse sin over time (possibly viewing child pornography, rape/sexual abuse, child molestation and even murder or suicide because the guilt and bondage is SO overwhelming).  With this in mind, we cannot logically and accurately say, "I'm not hurting anyone...I'm just looking!"

Here are two web sites that deal with the issue of pornography:


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