Monday, June 17, 2013

God, How We Need You!

My parents often say to my teenage brother how important it is to excel in school and state that the good colleges will not come looking for students who "just did enough to get a passing grade".  As I spent time with my mom yesterday, I thought of an analogy with this line of reasoning:

Heaven will not be filled with people who "just did enough to get by"!  Should not this be utterly obvious?  It will not be filled with lukewarm "Christians" who were flippant about their walk with God.  It will not be filled with individuals who chased after what this world had to offer, all the while those trivial pursuits being a distraction from God and a hindrance from growing as a believer.  It will not be filled with people who casually read the Bible, sporadically spent time in prayer, or gave tithe and money to organizations assuming this was how to live as a Christian.  Rather, heaven (being in the presence of God for eternity) will rightly so be filled with those who lived their lives for God while they walked this earth, those who grew to have a heartfelt trust in God over time, who took their relationship with the Lord seriously (not flippantly), who walked in God's ways out of obedience and love for Him, and who took Christianity seriously.

May we be individuals who seek to make and keep God our top priority in life and take the Christian walk seriously.

In a friendship and especially a marriage, it can hardly be said that a halfhearted commitment where anything or anyone else could distract you away in a moment's notice would be a relationship you were dedicated to through thick and thin.

Let us give God the honor that is due Him and live our lives for Him; in gratitude, trust, surrender, obedience, and a daily commitment through His dear Son, Jesus Christ, and the salvation He accomplished on behalf of sinners.


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