Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Do You Want to be Known For?

I am one who enjoys asking and answering questions because this enables an individual to think of how they feel about a given topic, what their opinion and thoughts are pertaining to it, and shows what may need to be worked on or sought to become even better at.

Here is a list of questions I recently thought of that may be beneficial to read and answer:

What do I appear to be living for?

What sort of character do I appear to have?

What do my goals in life and desires in life appear to be?

What would each member of my family and all my friends say needs to change about my life, character, attitudes, demeanor, and how I spend my time/money?

How can I work on being a better and godlier daughter/sister/friend or son/brother/friend and example?

What do I see/notice about myself that needs to change?  What are my character flaws?  What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What do I admire in others?  In what ways do I have the tendency to compare myself or my life to others?

What am I living for?  What are my goals in life?

List everything I desire for marriage and my future.

What do I want to be known for?  What specific steps can I take to work on this?

What do I consider a meaningful, rich life?  What do I consider a waste of time?

What would I like to accomplish within the next five years?  How do I want God to transform my life and character within this time?

What areas do I have difficulty trusting God with and why?

What character qualities do I notice in others that I really do not like/view negatively?

How do I truly see God?  Is my view of God Biblically accurate?

How often do I read the Bible?  How often do I pray?  What are my motives for praying and reading the Bible?

What sort of books do I enjoy reading?  What sort of sermons do I like to hear?  What are my favorite books of the Bible?

Who are my favorite authors, Pastors, and Christian speakers?

What are a few things I can do each day to feel productive and advance God's Kingdom?

Name as many good qualities about myself that I can think of

What makes me feel loved?  What makes me feel cared for?  What makes me feel under-appreciated?  What makes me feel hurt or offended?  What makes me feel wanted?  What makes me feel rejected?

What makes me feel beautiful?  What makes me feel unattractive?  What makes me joyful and happy?  What makes me angry?  What makes me feel jealous?  What makes me feel bitter and upset?

What ten words do I think best describe me?

What are ten aspects of my life that I am truly thankful for?

What do I think is beautiful about me?  What can I change to feel/be even prettier?

What is my favorite song?  What are my favorite Bible Scriptures?  What are my hobbies?  What am I interested in?

What qualities do I want in a friend?

What web sites do I like?  What is my favorite color?  What is my favorite season?  Food?  Drink?

What is my favorite genre of music?  What sort of clothing and shoes do I like?

What is the "ideal" house in my opinion?  Meaning: the furnishings, decor, appliances, number of rooms/bathrooms, and colors?

How can I seek to be a blessing to each of my friends and family members every day?  What small gestures, compliments, and ways can I reach out to them to show that I care?

List as many words as I can think of that describe my view of my friends and family.  What is one compliment I can give to my friends and family today?  What do I admire and enjoy about them?

What are simple things I enjoy in life?


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