Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time Changer

Here are notes from the movie entitled, "Time Changer", which is based in the 1890's.

"  “Gentleman, as you all know, our Dr. Carlisle has authored a manuscript entitled "The Changing Times".  His publisher has requested a statement by the seminary for the back cover of the book which they feel will aid in the book's credibility..."and sales!" says one Professor.  He then replies, "Yes, that too I suspect!  We have, as you all know, a strict policy, any such endorsements by the board be unanimous..."
 ... Norris Anderson replies, "One of the themes in Dr. Carlisle's book is the encouragement to proclaim the moral standards taught by Jesus to all people."  "And what is wrong with this premise?" asks Russell Carlisle.  Norris then says, "And, I am quoting from page 67, "Even if it is apart from His name, if people are rejecting the authority of Jesus Christ in their lives, we must still teach the ways of Christ for the better interest of society.  The Lord's teachings are best for all."  Carlisle then states, "The Lord's teachings ARE best for all."  Another Professor states, "You cannot be disagreeing with this statement, Norris?"  Norris responds, "No, what Dr. Carlisle is implying is that we can put forth the standards of Christ apart from His name.  And I think this is deadly."  A Professor says, "Are you saying that it would be wrong to simply tell a boy not to steal?"  Norris responds, "If this is all the information we give the boy, yes, I believe it would be."  Carlisle says, "Come now, Norris."  Norris responds, "Without the authority of Christ, mankind is merely left to compare ideas.  And morality becomes a matter of opinion.  One person says it is wrong to steal, the next person says it is not.  No standard is set.  We need to tell this boy that the Lord Jesus Christ said not to steal."  Carlisle responds, "Well, I agree this is best.  But we cannot always mention the name of Jesus, it may not be received.  Especially by those already offended by the church, or brought up in another religion."  Norris says, "But Jesus is the authority behind His commands, and people need to understand this fact.  If we remove His authority, then we have no basis on which to command."  A Professor then says, "We understand what you're saying Norris, but do you think you might have taken this thought to an extreme?"  Norris responds, "It is quoting a source without giving credit to the person who said it.  When we quote Shakespeare, we always say "Shakespeare said this".  It should be the same with the Scripture.  Observe the Old Testament as our example.  How often do we read, where the prophets first say, "Thus saith the LORD" before they speak?"  A Professor replies, "Yes, Norris, however, these moral standards taught universally would greatly benefit social behavior."  Norris responds, "Please hear me.  satan is not against good morals.  He is opposed to Jesus Christ.  A man can have good morals his entire life, yet you and I know he will go to hell when he dies.  It is Jesus Christ that everyone needs, and the devil knows this more than all of us."  Carlisle says, "Dr. Anderson!"  Norris Anderson replies, "satan's goal is to remove the name of Christ from His commands.  And when we do this, people are deceived into thinking that if they live a good life, they will receive God's approval and attain heaven."  Carlisle replies, "I think we can use morals to attract people to the Lord."  Norris responds, "Yes, but the ultimate issue in Christianity is the authority of Christ.  And the devil is attacking this authority by convincing us to teach morals alone.  Look at our families, they are weakening!  Records are showing that over 5% of marriages end in divorce, and our young people are becoming more disrespectful!  Now, I believe that this is a direct result of eliminating the authority of Jesus Christ from His commands.  Carlisle says, "Norris!"  Norris Anderson replies, "In the case of telling this boy not to steal, if I cannot tell him that this command is from the Lord, I would rather say nothing and let him steal, and then perhaps someday he will sense his need for the Savior!"  Carlisle responds, "You cannot possibly have derived all of this from one statement Norris."  Norris responds, "See where the statement leads Russell!"  Carlisle responds, "I think you're taking it down your own path just nicely sir!" ..."

Here are notes from another scene in the movie, "Time Changer":

Michelle states the following, "Well, our nation is no longer built on the Biblical principles set forth by our forefathers.  We haven't been able to study the Bible in public school for years.  We've lost prayer in schools since the Supreme Court decision in what, 1962?"  Carlisle responds, "Children not allowed to pray in school?  How unthinkable."  Michelle replies, "Well, we're part of a society that for the most part lives without Christ and His word.  And what's worse, people are beginning to rely on their own goodness to achieve salvation, as if they can earn their way to heaven when it's a free gift from God through Christ.  It's just, a sign of the times."  Carlisle responds, "This is wrong!  ...Last evening, something very shocking occurred.  I attended a movie with a group from the church and the person up on the screen blasphemed the name of the Lord."  Michelle then says, "Unfortunately, that happens all the time.  I know, because I used to be in the film industry."  Carlisle asks, "As a player, up there on the screen?"  Michelle says, "As an actor?  No, I was a booking agent for a theatre chain.  I was making all kinds of money.  The whole package...but I was miserable inside, empty.  And then one day, an old girlfriend of mine came by the office and we were talking, and I told her how I felt.  And she told me that she felt the same way, before she became a Christian, that she accepted Christ in her life and committed to follow Him. ... She also said that her life had real meaning now that she had Christ at the center of it.  ... So, I started reading the Bible again.  I could remember some of the Bible stories from when I was a kid in Sunday school, and I always believed in God, but I didn't have a clue who Jesus Christ was or that He had died for MY sins.  It's a good thing God is patient.  I finally asked Jesus into my heart and I've never looked back.  ...Well, I say all of that because when it comes to the film industry, I've been there and I know how powerful and influential it is to society.  I believe that secular entertainment is one of the biggest tools that satan uses to mislead people.  He desensitizes us through it; murder, violence, sexual immorality, you name it.  Sin, has slowly but surely become acceptable to us because we see it all the time, so it's no longer shocking to us."  Carlisle responds, "But, why were these things ever allowed?"  Michelle responds, "Well, frankly, I think that satan's smarter than we give him credit for.  he's very deceptive.  When the movie industry started back in the 30's, it was moralistic for the most part.  There was a sensor board that regulated what could and could not be shown on the screen, and movie makers were very careful about what they were portraying.  And that's when the people didn't realize that the devil won his greatest victory!"  Carlisle asks, "His greatest victory?  How so?"  Michelle replies, "Because he got the name and the person of Jesus Christ out of the movies.  I mean, the morals were there for a while, but the Lord Himself was not.  And as people became more liberated with their views, there seemed to be less and less conviction, BECAUSE, there was no absolute authority!  And that is why people can curse the name of the Lord, and they don't even think about it."  Carlisle responds, "But how can these movie makers so mock the Lord?  Do they not understand that He is the One who created them and gives them their every breath?"  Michelle responds, "Mr. Carlisle, it says in the Bible that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  If people don't hold reverence for the Lord, what can we expect?"

Here are more notes from the movie, "Time Changer", when Russell Carlisle spoke at the Wednesday night church service:

Carlisle begins, "Thank you Pastor.  And good evening.  I must admit I was very surprised when Pastor asked me to speak with you.  I am not quite sure why I in particular was chosen for the occasion, but I will see this as an opportunity from our Lord to share with you some matters that have been pressing on my heart.
Friends, I have been away for quite some time, a very long time.  It would be truthful to say that I have been living as if in another culture.  A culture much simpler than the one I have been observing here.  This is not to say that we do not have problems where I have come from, we do.  We know that all people are born with a sinful nature, and that all of us, like sheep, have gone astray from the Lord our God.  However, let me say, that the lifestyle I have been observing being here these past few days has been at the very least, startling.  In the third chapter of Paul's second letter to Timothy, Paul warns us about the last days.  In verses one through five, the Scriptures say that in the last days, men will be selfish, proud, without natural affection for one another, unthankful, unholy, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, the list goes on.  From what I have seen, the state that this society is now in reminds me of the days of Noah just prior to entering the ark, and of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sin appears to be as blatant and as open now as it was then.  Surely, these must be the last days that Paul is referring to and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is eminent.  Please do not misunderstand me friends.  I am not setting myself in a higher moral position than anyone else here tonight.  I too, have failed my Lord in many ways.  In fact, I feel partly to blame.  In these last few days, I have come to realize how wrong I was in thinking that we could reform society through the teachings of the Lord, without the Lord of the teachings.  The Lord God who created all things, appears to have been eliminated from your schools, your government, businesses, attacked in the arts, and in your entertainment, and through these amazing inventions of the radio, television, and the movies, the devil has mightily planted sinful thoughts, and ideas, and alternatives in the minds of the people.  So much so, that Jesus Christ and what He did, what He stands for, and who He is has been lost.  My friends, I urge you this evening, as I have personally done this past week, to first reconsider your own relationship with God through Christ, please be abundantly clear that you have truly submitted yourself to Jesus and received Him into your life as your personal Lord and Savior.  We know that Jesus will not save any man He cannot command, and if you are playing a game of pretend with the Lord tonight, if you know deep in your heart you have never truly submitted to Him, or if you are unsure of your standing with Christ, now is the time to make yourself right with God by calling out to Christ.  Jesus died for our sins and to save our souls from the eternal suffering that is to come.  One final judgment will come upon mankind and all those who do not come under the covering of Christ.  And of the Christians present here this evening, let us take this time to renew our purpose and commitment to be a people who shall live for Christ and to tell others of His enduring act of love.  I apologize for speaking so soberly this evening, but, these are the things that are in my heart and I'm afraid will remain with me for a long, long time.  The truth is, is that all of us will live forever.  And we will either spend eternity in the presence of our Lord or in a place of darkness the Bible calls the Lake of Fire.  If you have not, please give your life to Jesus Christ right now.  Your eternity will depend on it. ..."


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