Monday, September 19, 2016

From Camaraderie to Abandonment

It's so heartbreaking how you can be close with someone, feel a great sense of camaraderie and belonging, grow to care about them, love them as a true friend, form an emotional connection and close bond, then over time they can walk out of your life and become a distant memory.

With that said, please be careful with people's hearts. Don't toy with them, falsely lead them on, use them for your own benefit, or invest in the relationship short-term if you aren't willing to stick around long-term.

I understand some people are only in our lives for a season and we must have great discernment before starting a relationship or friendship. I also understand God can and will remove people from our lives if need be as He sees fit, but I am simply referring to the choices we make in regards to giving time to others. May it never be that we are the cause of broken hearts or abandoning those that count on and trust us.

Heartache hurts. People are precious. Let's treat them accordingly and not act as though it doesn't matter if we leave with little to no explanation.

Oh, and if you are planning to get married or have kids, for the sake of common courtesy and common sense, you better be willing to be in it for the long haul and not view such great privileges and responsibilities as optional depending on your stress level, personal preferences, or pride and selfishness.

Whomever the Lord has placed into our care have hearts that can be broken, feelings that can be hurt, and wounds that can occur at our hands. Unless you're in it for the long haul, don't waste people's time and thus leave a trail of brokenness.


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