Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Selfishness and Dumbing Down of Modern Society

What a sad state of affairs to live in a society that is becoming increasingly self-absorbed and dumbed down through the use of slang terms and an obsession with social media and pointless viral videos by young and old alike.

We normalize the brutality of porn, ignore the reality of kids and teens at sleazy brothels in other countries or the hurting and broken within a certain mile radius from our own homes, and live for our own comfort while purchasing a daily drink and snack at Starbucks instead of raising awareness for such indecency and spending our money where it counts (even a small portion helps).

We do not visit the elderly in retirement homes but complain and feel sorry for ourselves if we don't have plans on the weekends.

We make fun of people for characteristics or physical and mental disabilities they can't help.

We steal from people or lie straight to their faces. We gossip about those we know little to nothing about, ditch and cheat at school instead of seeing the opportunity to learn as a great privilege, we are lazy and irresponsible and then expect the Government to give us handouts...

And at the same time, we prioritize and even idolize animals (Save the Whales, natural food for dogs, dog hotels or spas, filling our Facebook walls or Instagram with photos of our "babies"...)

Are we really that into ourselves that our happiness and wants totally trump the very real needs of those around us and in the culture today? How have we as a collective whole turned such a blind eye to the weak and marginalized or those who simply need a friend?

What will you do with the life you've been given? How will you be remembered? What are you currently doing to make an impact and positive change/difference in the lives of those around you or even people you've never met?


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