Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hardship and the Believer's Response

Guest post by my teenage brother
(I'm so proud of this kid!)

The problem with people is that they're way too impulsive with what they say and what they think. And then later on when their life circumstances change, they are furious at themselves for wasting their time and energy on useless and illogical thoughts. People need to always look at the good of the situation because it is much more regretful to end up in a good place thinking bad thoughts than to end up in a bad place thinking good thoughts.

Only through hardships do people pull it together. We've seen countless examples of this. Because of our sinful nature, when we're comfortable in life, we become complacent. If hardships are what drive people to finally do the right thing, it only makes sense that the more hardships one experiences, the more important, valuable, and useful one is to God. You can either have earthly pleasure and eternal damnation or earthly tribulation and eternal reward in heaven. People are so impulsive. They've been given so much already and then they go through a season of life that's uncomfortable or challenging and they threaten to destroy all relationship with God, others, and even take their life. It's sickening to me to see Christians being broken apart through difficulty. If they act just like the world acts when life goes wrong, than where is the proof of their Christianity that God is in control and they trust in Him?

How are we supposed to communicate to the world that we have a God who fulfills us when we too complain when our lives don't go our way? If we truly believe that God is loving and caring, and if we truly believe that His will is sovereign and just, then we should have no problem with what we're going through because we know that in the end, we are saved and we are going to enjoy an eternity in heaven. Hardships help bring true colors and hidden issues to the surface.

"The Bible tells us to always give an answer to those who ask us to give a reason for the hope within us. However, people may not do that because too often we find our hope in the exact same things that the world finds its hope in." Paraphrase of a quote by John Piper


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