Thursday, March 19, 2015

Capturing Memories

Later today, my mom, brother and I will be driving within an hour of where we live to go to strip clubs and adult video/book stores and put papers on each of the cars with the quote, "Porn leaves people torn" and the web site URLs to my blog, xxxchurch, and Covenant Eyes.

I got this idea through a random video I found on the Vimeo account of xxxchurch and thought it was such a great idea!  It's fairly anonymous and we are praying it will be helpful to those there.

Please pray that God would go before us, prepare people's hearts, and prosper our efforts to help people learn of resources that will enable them to find freedom and accountability over porn or sex addiction.

We are going to record the three of us, out and about, as we share these papers and then send the video to Covenant Eyes and xxxchurch in hopes they will post it so many people will be encouraged to do the same!  Please pray that God would take care of everything and keep us safe, as these places are located in quite shady or run down parts of town!

Also, GREAT news I am excited about!  I am thinking about starting a YouTube channel or Vimeo account where I will upload home videos (my brother will be in videos with me sometimes and I am planning to post once every week or two).  I need feedback from each of you as to what we can make videos about, suggested topics or questions you would like me or us to answer, and whether you think it's a good idea.  I am toying with the idea, so I would appreciate your thoughts regarding it.  You may write to me at:

P.S.  Are there any topics you would like me to address on my blog?  How often should I begin posting (I apologize for my lack of updating in recent months)?


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