Monday, December 1, 2014

The Moral Decline of America

QUESTION:  What are your thoughts regarding the moral decline of America and how an "anything goes" mentality is becoming increasingly dominant?  Imagine if we applied the same (lack of) rules we do with our view of morality to the rules of the road.  It would be a frightening and dangerous experience to drive.  It would result in chaos, injury, or even death.  So have you ever thought about how crazy it is that we apply this to the choices we all make, lesser or greater, in different forms each day?  Imagine a world without pornography, the legalization of drugs, alcohol consumption among youth, stealing, adultery, rampant/blatant homosexuality, sexual deviance, lying, etc.  Would we be better off and feel FREE to live among others who lived a life of integrity and therefore kept their word and were safe & clean individuals (amongst whom suffered no shame, hiding, guilt, and regret)...or do you suppose we would all say, "If only we lived in a world where people trampled on one another, justified their bad choices that had a destructive effect on themselves and other people, had no regard for the well-being of others, and sought after our own pleasure, no matter the cost?  Why couldn't the world be like that?  That would truly bring FREEDOM."  We would be correct in writing this mentality off as total absurdity.  ...Yet how many people in America today continue to fight and storm around for the legalization of this and the ability for that...with no thought or regard for how it will have a direct impact on future generations?

Michael Ramsden brilliantly said, "We need to realize that freedom is a moral concept.  Freedom is not doing whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want to.  That is not freedom.  That is anarchy.

I have traveled to some parts of the world and will be traveling to some parts of the world this year where this is precisely what has happened.  People are doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want to.  And the consequence is, you can't walk the streets at night.  It's not safe.

When we abandon that system, we don't experience an increase of amount of freedom, we experience the loss of it.  Freedom is a moral concept.  It only exists within a moral framework.  And once we have destroyed it, we find that we lose the freedom that we crave, that we believe that we need in order to be happy.


Are you sitting here this evening and you are aware that you are being broken as you pursue pleasure?  There are things which you are doing, places you are going, habits you have formed, things you're watching on the internet, relationships you've got involved in, things you're doing with your money, that you actually know before God are wrong, you shouldn't be doing them.  But you want to do them because you think they will make you happy.  And you're thinking, "No, no, no...God, I don't want to do what You would have me do because look at all this happiness over here."  ...God is not debating with you about happiness.  He's not even debating with you about your desire to be happy.  What He's debating with us about is, where is the real happiness found?  That's the question.


The tragedy is, in wanting to be free, in pursuing our own happiness, we've broken (God's) law, we've broken our lives, and we live in a broken world, and we see the evidence all around us, all the time.

For more great insight, watch Michael Ramsden's sermon entitled, The Pursuit of Happiness here.

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