Sunday, October 19, 2014

When Tempted by Lust

By Jim George

A choice means having an option, or having several options.  The nice thing about making a choice is that the decision is up to you.  No one else is making you choose, so you are responsible for what happens.

Have you ever heard this little rhyme?  "Good, better, best.  Let your good never rest until your better becomes best."  When it comes to making choices, start with making good choices.  Then aim for better and best choices.  Go for the best choices.  They will always please God.

...When it comes to you and your choices, a good choice leads to good things.  But one poor or bad or wrong choice starts a chain reaction that creates trouble and usually ends badly.

By Edwin Louis Cole

Any moral person who has ever been tempted by lust knows the power of that temptation, the battle that rages in the mind and heart to do or have something that would bring immediate pleasure, but negative long-term consequences.

The temptation to sin never comes parading the consequences of sin, but rather heralding the promises of the moment's pleasure.  The great deception and seduction of sin is possible because temptation only shows immediate gratification.  Blinded by the elation and ecstasy of the moment, everything else is erased from the mind.  Only after realizing the moment's folly, and the price it will extract, does the awful reality of the consequences begin to set in.

...The pleasures of sin exist.  We cannot deny them.  But we also dare not deny what follows in their wake: a voracious appetite, inflamed with eroticism, demanding more indulgence more often until a degenerative spiral captures the soul and drags us on a never-ceasing descent into deeper patterns of immorality and illicit behavior.

...Renewing the mind means putting away lustful thoughts and conscientiously engaging in righteous thinking.  The renewing process is to fill the mind with the Word and pray for the Holy Spirit's work of purging our lustful desires.


Physical habits find their root in mental traits.  How a man thinks, what his secret thought patterns may be, is basic to behavior.  Remember, actions follow beliefs and emotions follow actions.

Change a mind, change a habit, change a life.

...The 'high places' in men's minds are those secret thoughts: strongholds of nostalgia, sentiment, and fantasy into which men can retreat on occasion to satisfy their natural desire.  Creative mental habit patterns are constructive, but indulging in compulsions and obsessions is destructive.  Fantasizing in lust through pornography seems at first to be a nonhazardous occupation--merely going up to some 'high place' for a few moments of recreational worship to an image created in the mind.  It eventually finds its release and can lead to incest, rape, homosexuality, and deadly diseases.

...Habitually washing the mind with the water of the Word of God (Eph. 5:26), practicing positive prayers, repetitively quoting Scripture, methodically and systematically reading the Bible, routinely worshiping, all develop godly traits, build character, and give quality to life.

"...One person's selfish actions can hurt so many others."  (Taken from the movie Courageous)


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