Sunday, September 28, 2014

Easy at Home, Hard at School


Hello everybody. This is a special blog post because it is not written by Emma Joy; it is written by her brother. I hope that I can do as great a job with writing on this blog as my sister has done.
What I wanted to talk about with you all is something that I have been observing and struggling with for almost all of my school life; most of the effects happening in high school. I want to talk about the hypocrisy in our schools: how so-called "Christian" students are no different from people in and of the world.
I just started my third year of high school, but just two years alone with worldly people has frustrated me to no end (I was homeschooled in junior high). It really, REALLY bothers me when I see people, some of them my friends, being such a darling little saint on, say, their Facebook or Twitter lives, but in real life, they cuss, they do drugs or are not that opposed to doing them, they look up to- in the nicest way I can say it- celebrities that are horrific examples of role models, etc. In other words, there is a HUGE difference between their "lives." It seems like everybody nowadays has so many different facets: church, school, alone with friends, Facebook, work, and so on. I kinda wish that everybody would act the same wherever they went instead of being a "goody two-shoes" at church and then being "Satan's disciple" at school. Hey, I admit that I am different at home than when I'm at school. For instance, I act more Christian at home simply because we practice our faith so it's easier for me to express myself in that way at home. However, at school, there are many different influences trying to attract my attention, most of them not being conducive to spiritual growth. That does not mean that I smoke pot and flip teachers off at school; rather, I'm more worldly at school because I don't have that Christian standard that is permeated throughout my household.
So why are people like this? What is the problem? Those are some very complicated and deep questions. Most people would automatically respond, "The parents! It's all their fault!" I do agree with that statement, but there is much more to it than that. I will try to make this somewhat of a nice length for the average American because I can fully relate to individuals who see how long an article is and think, "Ugh... Why? What have I done to deserve this?" Here is a list of factors that I dearly believe are contributing to the downfall of youth:


TV is a doozy. Our society has become so dependent on television that almost nobody can go a day without watching a show or a movie or playing a video game or whatever. Don't get me wrong; television can be used for good. However, especially nowadays, there is so much you-know-what on TV that people are becoming stupid, desensitized, perverted, and apathetic about pursuing actually worthwhile interests, such as exercise, reading, studying, etc. I want everyone reading this to think about what you're watching on TV. Instead of watching Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians, watch a classic like Gilligan's Island or Full House (I love both of those shows!). Just because a show is old doesn't mean it's not good. I feel like I'm one of the only teenagers that loves old music, old television shows, and more. The point is that people need to stop watching so much TV and saturating their mind with utter crap. Unguided and unprotected youths fall victim to this CONSTANTLY. You parents may think that it's a babysitter for your kids, but when you've heard what they talk about at school and when you've seen their true selves, you would think twice about letting your child watch bad shows.

Social Media

I love Facebook. To be honest, it's one of my downfalls. However, I have mostly educational, good stuff on there. Also, I don't have a phone with Internet, so I'm not acting like a zombie and only looking at my phone when I'm out in public (I absolutely ABHOR that! People survived for freaking thousands of years without those devices... Yet everybody treats them like they're diamonds or something. UGH!). Remember to be careful about what you are allowing into your mind when it comes to this!

Apathy in the Household and in the Church

To me, it seems like everybody gives 110% of their undivided attention to people like Miley Cyrus and then when it comes to a long-standing relationship with God, people need to check their phones for Facebook updates. AND CHURCH OFFICIALS AND PARENTS DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Does that make sense to anybody?! I think it's time people finally woke up. Man, if people used just half of their brain and common sense, I think that the world would be better. Not as good as it needs to be, but better at least.
I could go on and on, but I can just see your tired faces already from having to think so much. I will just say a few more sentences expressing how I feel. I firmly believe that parents are being complete idiots in today's world when it comes to how their children should be brought up. Constantly, you hear about and see parents that are, to say it bluntly, morons that couldn't make a peanut butter sandwich. It also really bothers me how stupid kids are today. It's all about apps and iPhones and iPods and iEverything. You people need to get out of the virtual world and start paying attention to the things in life that really matter. And that means that you need to stop sitting on the fence when it comes to Christianity. Become a new creation. Out with the old, in with the new. Stop your cussing, stop your irreverence, stop your perversity. Take a stand. Be godly. Make a difference. I know that all of this sounds cheesy, and I bet that some of you are thinking that I'm actually an old man because absolutely no teenager today talks like this. This just shows you what being brought up as a true follower of Jesus Christ can do to somebody. I hope that I made some good points for all of you. Thank you!


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