Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Pursuit of Godly Friendships


Since accountability and godly friendships play a vital role in having a healthy and ongoing relationship with the Lord, what is one to do who doesn't have accountability and only has friends who don't care to serve and follow God?

A few suggestions I have would be to:

  • Pray daily that God would lead you to God-honoring and Christ-centered friendships with likeminded believers who will encourage spiritual growth in your life, hold you accountable and ask how you are doing pertaining to sin and the practice of godly disciplines, and to provide mentors for you who are further along in their walk with God and whose wisdom you can glean from
  • Pursue godly counsel at church and ask the Pastor or Pastor's wife for suggestions as to people who attend there and can be a godly mentor to you (see Second Timothy 2: 22 and Titus 2: 3-8)
  • Attend a Bible-believing church weekly and seek to make friends
  • Don't pursue friendship with/continue spending time with people who are a bad influence (see First Corinthians 15: 33)
Whether we want to acknowledge this or not, the company we keep influences us in a number of ways; for better or for ill.  It is much wiser to surround ourselves with believers who know and trust the Lord, care to keep Him first and please Him above all than to be around people who blatantly choose to disregard God's truth, live in open opposition to how followers of Christ are called to live, or whose entertainment choices, decisions and lifestyle are contrary and even detrimental to the life of a set-apart Christian.


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