Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am Hurting Inside


Hi everyone!

Will readers of the Emma Joy blog please commit to keeping me in prayer?

I am really going through a tough time in life due to various trials and find myself feeling bitter, angry, envious, short-tempered, rude at times, and not as close to God as I should be.

There are people in my life that have asked me how I am doing lately and I almost don't feel comfortable letting them know ways I feel bad.  Even though my blog is public, there still remains anonymity in many ways, so I thought I would ask (plead) readers of my blog to keep me in prayer.

Seeking after the Lord consistently hasn't been easy in recent months, though I do love God very much, it can just be difficult to serve Him in a manner worthy of Him when I feel overwhelmed, sad, or disillusioned with life in ways.

Because I have studied many Christian resources over the last few years, I have head knowledge of what it means to be a walking Christian, God's character, etc. and really do love sharing these things with others through my blog and letters...I just feel like I haven't been taking what I already know and applying it.  I am hurting inside in many ways and really need God.

Prayer and reading the Bible have been disciplines I haven't been practicing nearly as much as I know I should.

Please pray that God would really work on my heart and mind with learning to take my thoughts captive, for His intervention in my life, build my trust and joy and faith in Him and His character and trustworthy will in all things, and ask that God would give me what I need (not necessarily what I want, but what I truly need).

I very much appreciate it!  It would mean more to me than you all know.


Darla said...

Praying for you now. I came across your link on the lovinglifeathome.com blog. We heard Jennifer at a home school conference today. Keep learning from Titus 2 ladies like her and from your local church.

Grace and peace!


Emma Joy said...

I really appreciate it, Darla! Thank you so much.

Emma Joy

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