Saturday, May 24, 2014

Homosexuals are Not 'Born This Way'


"Not Born This Way"
Taken from

Not born this way: The facts...

Without any reputable evidence, the entertainment culture, uneducated media, and sexual activists have seduced today's teenagers, in particular, to believe that people are born homosexual.

However, science has found no biological basis for homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexuality.

Study after study has found the "LGBT" lifestyle to be unhealthy, with the highest rate of sexually-transmitted diseases, and higher cancer rates and earlier deaths.

While all people are worthy and valuable, the fact is people are not "born this way," as a popular song insists.

Why does it matter that people are not born 'gay'?

The fact that people are not born homosexual matters because the entire fiber of our society is impacted -- for good or for ill. We cannot change society's laws and make new laws based on a lie. That hurts everyone.

There is no "gay gene" -- so homosexuality is not biologically based. The only human genders are male (if you inherited a "Y" chromosome from your father) and female (if you did not inherit a "Y" chromosome from him) -- so homosexuality is not a new "gender."

Not being born "gay" means this is not a "civil rights" issue.

People inherit unchangeable characteristics like their race and ethnicity, but homosexuality is not inherited. Science and biology confirm this, and thousands of former "gays and lesbians" who have changed their behavior also prove this fact. Therefore, homosexuality is not a "civil right" (a supreme law punishing those who disagree) for marriage or anything else.

Ironically, the "LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) "civil rights" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. ...


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