Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sin Is a Serious Matter



If you have ever heard the phrase, "Enter at your own risk", you know it is a word of caution, a warning that danger is ahead.  As I thought about the variety of sins people get caught up in, I can't help but wonder if they would only consider the phrase, "Enter at your own risk" before proceeding with viewing porn, giving in to homosexual desire through acts or pursuing a relationship with someone of the same gender, trying drugs for the first time, going to clubs, or even flirting with the idea of "just this once" for you name it, how very different their lives would turn out to be!  Other great quotes:  Proceed with caution!  Think before you go through with it.  If you do not want anyone to find out, don't do it!

Sin is a really serious matter.  I understand that the world at large considers those who remain pure and abstinent from immorality as "prude", yet may I challenge you to ponder the following? ...

Doesn't it strike you as a bit odd that people define being "innocent" as bad, something to avoid, old-fashioned, being a goody-two-shoes, and like it is "too bad, so sad" for those who remain pure sexually before they are married...or have never had alcohol or tried drugs...or those who have never stolen, etc.?  And it is considered "cool" to lose your virginity or technically keep it while you engage in other sexual acts, have a perverse mind, lie to and disrespect authority, smoke pot, try heroin, or live in secrecy with your entertainment and friend choices?  Since when is it cool to feel guilt and live in fear of being caught or found out?  Since when is it cool to ruin your health and speed up the aging process by doing drugs?  Since when is it considered cool to be addicted to pornography or masturbation and feel ashamed while desiring freedom yet not quite knowing the way out (and being too embarrassed to expose your sin and ask for help)?
As it is approaching summer, I'm sure we have all noticed that clothing sold at stores is becoming increasingly provocative as the summer heat approaches.  We have this idea as a culture and society at large that it's almost like the more of your body you show, the better it will be for you (Summer time is an excuse to wear practically nothing, right? Just like Halloween for adults!  More so a holiday to show skin and act provocatively than to just get candy).

Women and girls think the way to gain attention, approval, and acceptance from others is to show their bodies.  Yet, this will attract the wrong sort of attention.  Guys won't pursue you for you, they will only pursue you in lust and then discard you within time.  When you think about it, it's sort of hard to build a lasting relationship with someone who is easy (or appears as such because of their attire) and when the relationship begins on shallow means or giving in sexually from the start.  Flirtation can be fun, yet where will you be a year from now if you continue to act flirtatious with a number of guys?  Most likely feeling used, dirty, or regretting giving your time and body (or at least a free show to anyone who happens to glance at you) to people you now realize weren't worth your time.  I think a lot of girls do not know what it means to live with purpose, meaning, and joy so they pursue the attention of guys and are willing to show (or give) their bodies to feel loved and wanted.
Girls, have respect for yourselves.  No matter if you believe this or not, you are worth so much more than just what you can offer someone sexually!


Anonymous said...

this so true sarah.......God bless you

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