Friday, February 21, 2014

How People See Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day.

To some, it is a day to spend with someone you love and care about, have a nice meal, and possibly go somewhere or spend time together at home.

To others, it is a day of heartbreak that simply reminds them of their recent breakup, or the fact that they are still single, or makes them miss the love of their life that may have passed away over the last year.

And still to others, this day consumes them to the degree that they might even commit suicide because they can't take the pressures of society at large and all of the Valentine decorations at stores and the talk of "love" seemingly everywhere for the weeks prior to this occasion because it is a reminder of their loneliness or the feeling that they have never experienced a love relationship before.

To me, Valentine's Day is a day that makes people who are single so long for that special someone and for those already in a relationship, makes them feel bitter and upset over all of the cards available at stores that do not mirror reality.  It is a day that makes some overwhelmingly sad and others angry that their relationship isn't how cards, movies, romance novels, and fairy tales present the topic of love.

What shall we do each year when this day approaches and we are either still single or not very content with how everything is currently in our relationship?  Remember that Valentine's Day is merely a is not the standard of what love really looks like nor does it mean that unless you have the sort of marriage or dating relationship depicted in Valentine's Day cards that your relationship is a failure and therefore completely dissatisfying.

Something I find so interesting is how people will define the word, "Love."  We assume we have fallen in love because the first few weeks or months all we want to do is be around the person, or because we have a lot in common, or because intimacy with them is great...yet true love requires work, sacrifice, time, effort, and laying aside your rights for the benefit and vitality of the other person.  Such as:

  • Discovering what makes them feel loved.
  • Setting boundaries to help avoid those things that would bring hurt or pain to the other person or to the dating or marriage relationship.
  • Pursuing that which will enable intimacy (in the context of marriage), friendship, communication, and affection for the health of the relationship.

God clearly sees everything on each of our hearts and minds.  He knows what we desire, what we are looking for in a spouse, what we long for and joyfully hope to obtain in a marriage...

May I suggest applying a great quote I once read?  It said something to the effect of, "Instead of waiting for marriage, prepare for it."  What golden advice!  What a blessed way to view the waiting period before you meet the one you will marry!  What an exhortation and encouragement to seek transformation in our own hearts, to pursue the Lord as we wait for His best, and to rest in God's perfect way and timing of answering our prayers.

Here is a list of quotes that will be very beneficial to remember and put into practice!

And do remember what someone I know once said, "Even if your earthly valentine isn't there for you, your heavenly valentine always will be!"


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