Thursday, February 27, 2014

Beauty: More Than Skin Deep?

Barbie without makeup.  She's just like one of us.


What do we equate it with?  Being thin?  Having clear skin?  Dressing in provocative attire?  Turning heads by the way we dress and apply our makeup?  Acting in a sensual manner?


Taking care of ourselves physically through proper diet, drinking a lot of water, taking good quality vitamins, exercise, getting enough sleep, and dressing in a manner that would flatter our particular body shape?  Knowing our goals and pursuing them?  Dressing elegantly and saving our purity and sexual attractiveness for our future spouse?  Renewing our minds (Romans 12: 2) through the regular reading of God's word that transforms us from the inside out?  Intelligence?  Knowledge?  Wisdom?  Gracious speech?  Kindness?  Smiling often?

Society at large shouts that what makes one beautiful is to dress with hardly any clothes on, act in a provocative way by being flirtatious or a tease (no matter your age), and seeking to arouse as many men as possible by how we walk, dress, act, speak, and even apply our makeup.

Would you rather be viewed as "another girl who looks like all the rest" by attire, makeup, behavior, and perversity...or a girl who is saving her innocence for her future husband?  It doesn't matter how far you have fallen in the past.  Every day is a new day and every hour is a new hour!  Ask the Lord to prepare you for your future spouse and to make you the woman of God He calls you to be and the lovely girl your husband will adore.

Sex is worth waiting for.


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