Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sin and Strongholds

What do you struggle with most in life?  Sexual impurity?  Anger?  Hopelessness?  Addiction?  A poor self esteem?  Loneliness?

We all have struggles and issues we deal with on a day to day basis.  Sometimes our way of escape is to fill our minds with "mindless" entertainment; that is, our favorite sitcom, music we enjoy, or movies we have seen countless times.  We may engage in self-mutilation, do drugs, drink alcohol, be a glutton with comfort foods or maybe we find our escape through lesser evils such as writing, art, playing an instrument, volunteering at different places, or hobbies.

What can we do to overcome temptation or the sin and feelings that overwhelm us?

  • Be honest with someone we trust or pursue help through counseling or asking for prayer and the intervention of a mentor or Pastor that can suggest resources on the topics we struggle with and may possibly let us know about any support groups or ministries where we can receive help over our particular strongholds.
  • Pray daily and often for God's intervention; pleading with Him to do whatever it takes to rescue us from our stumbling blocks and forms of bondage.
  • Stop our intake of perversity; whether that be in the form of music videos, television shows, movies, music, conversations, web sites, articles, books, magazines, or even clothing web sites or that billboard or shop we always pass on the way to work or school each day (if need be, take a different route, even if it means driving the long way to where you are going!)
  • Don't make provisions for your sin or addiction.  If you struggle with perversity, filling your mind with what is perverse will only allow your impurity to grow.  Practice the principle of, "Starve your sin and it will die."  If you struggle with self-mutilation, get rid of the tool(s) you use to engage in cutting and make known your issue and view of cutting to someone who can offer the right perspective and whose wisdom you can learn from over such a struggle.  You may even write to me at: (as I have dealt with self-mutilation on and off for years and have made great strides pertaining to overcoming this.  Even though it is still a temptation at times, the Lord is helping me to deal with this issue).  A few books I would suggest on the topic of self-injury include:

"Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut: Learning to Understand and Help Those Who Self-Injure"
by Marv Penner

"Self-Injury: When Pain Feels Good"
by Edward T. Welch

If any readers of the Emma Joy blog have questions or would like to share what is on their heart, please do not hesitate to write to me at:  It would be lovely to hear from you and I will graciously seek to be of help in suggesting resources you can study or offering a listening ear or Biblical "counsel."

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Laura Lane said...

Hello Emma Joy,
Oh, I just love your name!

My first memory of struggles with food was when I was in first grade. I was a bit chubby. I remember lying in bed and blinking my eyes to burn calories! Yikes.

I've struggled all of my life. Well, at least until I gave up.

A few months ago, my dear friend, Charity, sang this song in church. Break every chain by Tasha Cobbs.

That song ministered to me. She sang it every two or three weeks, and the Holy Spirit began breaking the chains of food addiction off me.

The day after Labor Day, I began eating according to the Trim Healthy Mama plan. The pounds are coming off.

I began to believe the words when I sang the song with Charity. The last Sunday in October, we sang it again. By the end of service, I knew it was done. The chains were broken. I just have to walk it out now.

That day was the last time I saw my dear friend. She went home to be with Jesus suddenly and unexpectedly November 1st.

She left a legacy of love for people, cheerfulness and passion for Christ.

I was privileged to get a recording of her singing Break Every Chain.

The week she died, I played two songs on You Tube. One was Break Every Chain. The other was Take the Shackles Off My Feet So I Can Dance. Miss Charity is breaking loose and dancing for Jesus now.

Charity Bethke, may her name be blessed forever.

Thank you, Emma Joy, for giving me a chance to write out the feelings on my heart and heal a bit more.

May you find the love, peace, hope, mercy and power of the Lord Jesus Christ for every chain in your life to be broken.

By the way, I love the clock.

Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Emma Joy said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I know so many people can relate to such issues; whether it be overeating or barely eating any food. Praise be to God that He is able to deliver us from our strongholds and how He is helping you to get this issue more under control! He can even restore us in ways we have been negatively affected by bad circumstances or situations and He is faithful to cause all things to work together for good to those who love Him!

Praise God for healthy, God-made foods that are rich in nutrients and enable us to lose weight. I am proud of you for taking the necessary steps in dealing with this issue by having a set diet plan.

I have heard that having bread each day can cause people to gain weight and prevents them from losing weight. Breads and processed foods are the worst in causing weight gain.

Please keep in mind that this is the comment form (which means anyone who reads my blog has access to read through the notes we write). If you would be more at ease talking directly to me, please just write to me through email and I will gratefully respond!

It is precious the legacy Charity left and how she used her talent for the Lord and to bless others!

The song you posted is nice. I have heard it before by a different artist.

I'm very glad you like the clock! It is a pretty and elegant timepiece and I'm sure it looks lovely in your home.

♥ Emma Joy

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