Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winner of the November Giveaway

I am pleased to announce the winner of this month's giveaway.  Mrs. Murphy is a close friend of mine who has been a great blessing and source of accountability, wisdom, and godly friendship for me over the last two years or so.

I am grateful for the comment she left earlier today.

Mrs. Murphy wrote...

Hello. Posting this comment in the hopes to still make it in the give away. I was just thinking about a guy cousin I told you about who just separated from his wife and is doing what he is able to win her back and have her come home and even began going to Church, and I was just thinking about the first book for him and then thought of the second one, and then I thought, "Sarah is doing the give away on these two books. I hope it's not too late to enter." So here I'm. If I were to win, -I know I'm entering last minute- my hope and prayer is that he -they- will gain the knowledge of what marriage is all about, and that God would grab hold of both their hearts in such a powerful way, that their marriage would rightly reflect Christ and the church, and so be a great testimony for a lost and dying world whose watching, and for all those who closely knew them in the past and know them now. God bless you for your labor of love in this eternal Kingdom, which will not pass away.

Mrs. Murphy ;-)

Congratulations Mrs. Murphy!  May God use these two books in a powerful way.


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