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It masquerades as a pleasure, while over time, takes the very life from you.  This can be in the form of guilt, regret, shame, addiction, self-loathing, fear of being found out, self-disgust, physical or mental consequences, or even literal death.  I once heard a Pastor say, "Sin will use you and abuse you and spit you back out."

Sin comes to us in various forms and pleasures and blinds us to its deadly consequences.  We suppose that if it feels good or everyone else is doing it, that there is no harm.  And yet a simple observation of the many hospital beds filled with patients dying of different sexually transmitted diseases is one evidence of sin's harmful effects; whether contracting AIDS or herpes after one time of sexual activity or years of being intimate with others.  I once knew of a guy who was diagnosed with "Psychosis" due to excessive drug use.  Drug induced psychosis is like a form of Schizophrenia brought on by drug use.  This man, in his twenties, had a girlfriend and little girl and ended up not being able to care for them or be there for them because of bad choices which led to being mentally ill.

I also saw a woman once on television who explained that after having sex one time with one person, she contracted AIDS.  How saddening this would be!  And yet look how many people in their twenties, teens, or any age for that matter sleep around as if it will bring no real consequence.  To be blunt, using a condom does not always ensure that you will not contract anything.  If you contract a sexually transmitted disease, it would be a hindrance in many aspects of your life; such as not being able to get married possibly and may even lead to death within time.  I remember reading in a book when I was in high school that the STD "Syphilis" can actually lead to blindness or insanity.  Were people thinking this the times they went and partied, got drunk or high, and slept with others?  Were they thinking this the times they went clubbing each weekend or saw nothing wrong with having "friends with benefits"?  Did you stop and consider that your "friend with benefits" may have three other people they view the same way, who may have three other people they are intimate with in the same way...and then we wonder why STD's and AIDS are becoming so rampant in today's society!

With this in mind, I perfectly understand why God calls believers to wait until marriage to have sex.  If real Christians remained abstinent and sought after God by renewing their minds with the truth of His word and trusting that in His timing, He was able to lead you to your future wife or husband, they would view the waiting process with joy and realize that intimacy is worth waiting for!

If sexual sin is a stronghold in your life, pray to God from an honest and earnest heart asking for His intervention, deliverance, help, restoration, and to set you free from anything that holds you captive.  This will also take effort on your part; such as getting rid of your computer so you don't have access to the internet when you are by yourself to be able to view pornography...or it may mean that you ONLY use the computer if someone is with you.  It may mean getting rid of cable television, taking a different route to work each day so you do not pass that strip club or those raunchy billboards or perverted restaurants or "adult" stores.  It may mean not surrounding yourself with the same friendships anymore, or going to the mall anymore because of all the perversity around like posters of women/men, perverse music, and provocative clothing (yes, I said it may mean not going to the mall anymore.)  It may also mean confessing your pornography addiction, or addiction to masturbation, or addiction with drug use or sleeping around to trusted godly friends, mentors, or even Pastors at a Bible believing church.  Accountability is powerful and it works!  People wonder why they cannot overcome their temptations and then always or nearly always end up falling into sin.  And yet they don't realize or acknowledge that going to the same places, watching the same shows, listening to the same music, spending time with the same people, or dwelling on the same thoughts will only CAUSE them to fall.  If you walk down the street and there is a hole in the ground and you fall into it every time you walk by there, would it be wise to continue walking the same route knowing you will end up falling?  NO.  You may have to cross the street or better yet, walk on a totally different block.  Do you understand this analogy?

Sin is serious.  And like a quote I once heard brilliantly states it, "Be killing sin or sin will be killing you."

If you have any questions, would like a recommendation for resources about certain struggles, need support, or would like someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to write to me and I will gratefully and humbly seek to be of help in some way.


Anonymous said...

Love this post! This is really great. Hopefully many, many people will read this, and may all of us heed it.

Mrs. Murphy

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