Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Setting Goals

What would you like to accomplish over the next month?  Two years?  Ten years?

Setting goals is such a wise task and one that will prove to be beneficial, rewarding, and profitable.  It gives us a schedule or plan for what we would like to begin working on, the amount of time we will invest and when, and how much we would like to accomplish over a set period of time.

Here are a few suggestions for what we as women can work on that will not only be beneficial for us, yet a blessing and joy for others too:

Our walk with God

Elizabeth George said when referring to time spent in prayer, "Something is better than nothing."

Read God's word

  • Try reading one Psalm, one Proverb, one chapter in the Gospels, one chapter (or entire book) of an Epistle Paul wrote (these books are my favorite and are short enough to read each day!), and one chapter in the Old Testament a day.  This may seem like a great commitment and you might be tempted to say you do not have the time, but please keep in mind that we often make concessions for what WE want to do or what we are suddenly invited to by a friend, or remembering that our favorite sitcom is on tonight, or oh yeah, making the time to go to the gym or mall since we haven't for some time.  It may be difficult to realize, though we must admit we typically make the time for activities, events, and social gatherings we enjoy and yet end up giving God the leftovers of our time instead of prioritizing this relationship as the most important and vital relationship and use of our time each day.

Spend time in prayer

  • Share with God from an honest heart, making your requests and desires known to Him, offering gratitude for God's provisions, protection, guidance, faithfulness, and His ability to transform, restore and deliver.  If spending time in prayer is difficult for you because you don't know how to pray or you easily get distracted, ask God to change this and transform this area in your walk with Him.  Like the saying goes, "Count your blessings, name them one by one."  Applying this simple statement will surely bring a host of praise from our mouths to our loving Savior who not only provides for our needs and even our wants, but also remembering every prayer God has answered, every desire of our hearts God has granted, every blessing and provision He has bestowed, every time He made a way out of a bad friendship, relationship, or situation, the transformation, purging, refining, and sanctification He has brought to you as you have followed after Him, His precious word that instructs us how to live and shows us God's character and view of sin, God's plan of salvation, and His work throughout history...and the numerous facets of God's character and the abundant luxury of being called His child through the salvation Jesus Christ accomplished on behalf of sinners and our acceptance of it.  Speak to God like He is your best friend!  Share your secrets, worries, doubts, fears, anxieties, needs, wants, goals, desires, etc. with the Lord!  Ask Him to intervene in your life, in that relationship, in that situation, in drawing you close to Him, in transforming your life...there is so much we can speak to God about!

Study Christian resources

  • Listen to one sermon a day, worship music, read through a commentary to better understand a particular book of the Bible, listen to lectures from Apologetics conferences, and read one chapter a day from a right on, Christian book that will enable you to grow spiritually.

Cleaning the house/taking care of chores

  • How much time will you make for each task?  How often will you clean?

Keeping a budget

  • What do you need?  What bills need to be paid?  Mortgage or rent?  What can you do without?  How much can you put in savings?

What are a few goals you would like to begin working on?

Remember the quote:
“A year from now, you will wish you would have started today.”


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