Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Hurts Sometimes

Life hurts sometimes, doesn't it?

It's a scary thought to venture out in life trusting God because by committing all we are and all we have, our future, our goals, our desires, wants, and even those closest to us to the Lord, it deals with the issue of surrender; which is quite literally laying everything at God's feet and committing all things to Him, living for Him, and trusting Him with the outcome of every situation; come what may.

Life can be painful, surprising, and can leave us at a loss for words when things aren't going as we have planned.  We may find ourselves asking, "Why, God?  Why did this happen to someone I love?  Why did I have to lose that person I cared so deeply about?  Why do I feel so alone and have always had difficulty making friends?  Why do I struggle financially? ..." and the list of questions goes on and on until we wake up to the reality that as Christians, all we are, all we own, even the people most precious and dear to us are in God's hands, to do with them as HE pleases, as HE sees fit, as HE, in His perfect wisdom and faithfulness, deems to be the best use of them.  I like the concept of everything we have (including people) being a blessing and gift to us while we have them, yet not holding these things too tightly because then they become an idol and our world may fall apart at their departure or loss.

I understand how painful and scary this can be, yet let us keep in mind that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, trustworthy, and one hundred percent good.  God always has our BEST interest at heart, even when we can't understand or feel like He has abandoned us or isn't listening to our prayers.

Let us boldly trust Him, joyfully seek after Him, and peacefully rest in our loving Savior's perfect wisdom, timing, and plan in all things.


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