Friday, October 11, 2013

Thoughts on Homosexuality

By Greg Koukl
…However, hear me clearly:  There is no direct moral or logical connection between believing homosexuality is immoral and gay-bashing.  There is none.  It does not follow that if you think homosexuality is wrong or evil, you are encouraging others to torment homosexuals.  KABC talk show host Al Rantel--himself a homosexual--put it this way:  This kind of thinking would make Alcoholics Anonymous responsible every time a drunk gets beat up in an alley.
Obviously, many people disagree, holding that moral censure of homosexuality does lead to gay-bashing.  Many are publicly vocal, loudly denouncing such judgments--and those who make them--as immoral.  Here's my question for those of you who think this way:  Does the fact that you say I'm immoral for making such judgments encourage others to beat me up?  Of course not.
If other people beat me up for the things I believe or the lifestyle I live, their sin is on their own head.  I don't hold that homosexuals are inciting others to violence against me simply because they publicly judge my views as immoral.  By the same token, simply taking a moral position on homosexuality does not lead to gay-bashing.
Certainly, evil people will seize on any rationalization to justify harming others.  But just because they use that as a rationalization doesn't mean it's actually the cause.


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