Friday, October 18, 2013

Leaving a Legacy...

With the time of our death unknown to us, yet known and planned by God; when you die, what sort of legacy will you leave?

Will you be remembered as someone who did nice things for others (which IS a gracious gesture) or as someone who sought to reach others for the Kingdom of God; explaining the Gospel and every individual's need for God?  ...having lived what you preach so they do not observe your lack of integrity, purity, obedience to God, daily commitment and surrender to Him and thereby dismiss what you are saying as foolishness or like Christianity is more so something you speak about without actually living it?

Will you be remembered as someone who recycled and was wise with saving money?

Will you be remembered as someone who did just enough to be able to say once your kids got to be eighteen or twenty years old, "I think I did good by them"? (Notice the lack of pride and assurance)

Will you be remembered as someone who never discussed your problems with others and put on an outward show as though everything were perfect; making others feel uncomfortable and like you are way out of reach and can't relate with the rest of us who deal with stuff on a regular basis?  Or will you be remembered as someone who, with wisdom and discernment, was real and honest about problems you dealt with and had the willingness to seek godly counsel or be open with trusted friends/family about your struggles; seeking accountability, prayer, and help when needed?

Will you be remembered as someone who always lived for the fun of the moment or as someone who, even though you had fun in life, also made a game plan and list of goals to pursue and accomplish during your remaining years of living?

Will you be remembered as someone who was assured of their right standing before God and didn't fear death because Jesus Christ saved you or will you die fearful, doubting, and unsure what happens after death?

We all must consider such questions (and many more) because death can overtake us at any time.  The comforting truth is that God has destined our time of birth and our time of death, so living in constant fear of death isn't necessary or logical for the Christian.  We must be wise though and seek to stay focused on God in all our ways...not treating our walk with the Lord as though so many other aspects of life are much more important and sort of just giving God the "leftovers" of our time and talent.

A few questions to ponder...

What are a few goals you would like to accomplish the remaining days God gives you?  

What are a few changes you can make to live a life more devoted to what is important and honoring to the Lord and less trivial and unproductive?

What changes can you make in your use of time?

What relationships can you seek reconciliation over or offer an apology for the ways you have been wrong?


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