Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Do You Determine What is True?

How do you determine what is true or not? Is it based upon feelings, experience, or majority opinion? Is it based upon how you were raised or what religion has been passed down through the generations in your family? Is it based upon what your teachers and professors taught you at school and college, assuming that because they are teaching, surely, they must be accurate in their views? Or do you determine truth by evidence? And if so, what evidence is enough for you to believe something? Take the Bible for example. It isn't "evidence enough" for me to strictly believe what a Bible Scholar or Pastor says…why? Because "the Bible does not contradict itself" and many professing scholars/pastors often end up sharing their own interpretation of God’s word (that doesn't line up with other portions of Scripture) instead of presenting historical and archaeological evidence, including prophecy fulfilled in Jesus and having studied the original languages and culture/time of age the books of the Bible were written in.

Surely, it would be blind faith IF we simply believed a claim in the absence of evidence…yet Christianity actually holds up to tested scrutiny. Lee Strobel and Josh McDowell are two men who set out to disprove the claims of Christianity and the validity of the Bible and yet BOTH ended up becoming Christians after studying the facts.

John Lennox said, "Richard Dawkins regards faith as an evil to be eliminated; he takes all religious faith to be blind faith. (Dawkins says) ‘Scientific belief is based on publicly checkable evidence, religious faith not only lacks evidence, its independence from evidence is its joy, shouted from the rooftops.’ However, taking Dawkins own advice we ask: where is the evidence that religious faith is not based on evidence? Mainstream Christianity will insist that faith and evidence are inseparable. Indeed, faith is a response to evidence, not a rejoicing in the absence of evidence. The apostle Paul says what many pioneers of modern science believed, that nature itself is part of the evidence for the existence of God ,‘ Since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities- his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made. So that men are without an excuse.’ Dawkins’ definition of faith turns out to be the direct opposite of the biblical one. Curious that he does not seem to be aware of the discrepancy."

What stops you from becoming a Christian? Are you tired of seeing so many hypocrites walk around claiming to follow Jesus when in reality their lives are not much different than unbelievers? Do you have questions and doubts you just cannot move past and this hinders you from trusting and committing your life to the God of Scripture? Or do you wish to live as you please and are opposed to the thought of a God who "argues with you" and calls you to a higher standard of purity and integrity through accepting His salvation and growing thereby?

Please share your thoughts on this. I would love to converse with others over why they hold the beliefs they do and why they reject other "truth" claims! My email address is:


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