Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lovely Photos

Sweet photos...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Mrs. Murphy

Anonymous said...

Emma Joy,

Thank you for the beauty you put in my life. Your flowers, especially the roses, touch my heart. I grew up in the green green Midwest and am not in the brown brown TX. I see incredible blue blue skies every day but miss flowers.

This post was so special with all the hearts, I could feel God's presence!

Ps. I also like the post where you looked for shabby chic and found beautiful cakes with flowers.

Ppss. Thanks for having a giveaway to force me to write to you.

Pppsss. I would like to see something about dating/courtship, preparing for household, like flower arranging, cake decorating, thrift store makeovers.

God bless you.

Emma Joy said...

Thank you for the sweet compliments! I am grateful to hear you enjoy the photos of flowers and roses. Even though you cannot enjoy the green Midwest now, you can still see the lovely blue sky! God's creation is filled with beauty and brilliancy of color.

I appreciate you letting me know what sort of blog posts you would like me to post in the future.

Will do!

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