Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Makes Your Life Purposeful?

What is most important to you in life?  What would you be willing to die for?  What is worth pursuing with your whole heart as you live each day?

What do you desire most for your future?  What is it that makes life purposeful to you?

What joys have you experienced lately?  What has caused you sadness or brought you grief lately?

What makes you most content?  What makes you most stressed?

What do you want God to do in and through your life, as only He can, to His glory alone?


Questions; how valuable they can be with getting to know others and even beneficial in getting to know ourselves.

If anyone has questions about the Christian faith; how it differs from other religions, what living as a real Christian entails (as expounded in the Bible), or why "religion" really is not a celestial salad bar where we can pick and choose what we desire by adhering to this and that from a variety of different belief systems to form a religion of our own choosing (the harm and lack of integrity with this pattern)... please do not hesitate to write and I will joyfully seek to answer from a Biblical perspective, in a God honoring way, to God's glory alone!


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