Sunday, July 21, 2013


God knows the desires of our hearts.  He either answers with a "Yes", "No", or "Wait".  We have great reason to rejoice because God, being all knowing, wise, good, faithful, and perfect, always filters the answers to our prayers through His sovereignty and wants what is best for us in every way.

There were times during my adolescence when I questioned why more guys didn't pay attention to me, or why other girls were more popular than I was, or why I wasn't as pretty and thin as I desired.

I am grateful for the hindrances God allowed or the times He said, "No" because I realize now that He truly had my best interest in mind.  If more guys paid attention to me, I would have lost my innocence all the more and most likely lived in regret to this day over the number of guys I would have been with.  As for the topic of popularity, it surely isn't the best accomplishment in life.  It seems typically that the people who are popular are often stuck up, conceited, sarcastic, rude, and think the world owes them something simply because they have money or come from a wealthy home or can afford the latest fashions or fit in by way of appearance and interests.  Yet I have seen years later the individuals who were quite popular at school during our teens now living troubled or at least unappealing lives - some caught up in drugs and alcohol, some not knowing what purpose to aim for in life, and others not nearly as "popular" among people as they once were as teenagers.  As for not being as pretty and thin as I desired back then, of course diet and lack of exercise played a role in that, yet if I looked how I wanted to back then, it too would have brought impurity, selfishness, and further ungodliness as I lived for myself and enjoyed the attention from others it would have brought.  I remember my mom saying before when speaking about people who are commonly seen as attractive, "...One car accident and their appearance could be totally altered!  What would people think of them then?  Would guys still want to be with them then? ..."

How true it is that we base so much (popularity, success, fitting in, excelling in life, our self esteem, etc) on how we look, all the while instead of trying to make ourselves look even nicer in obvious ways we can (following a strict diet, taking good quality vitamins, daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, staying away from fast foods and processed foods, getting enough rest every night, bathing daily, styling our hair, wearing at least a bit of makeup, buying decent and attractive attire...) we would rather have a "quick fix" and pursue getting plastic surgery or taking weight loss pills or giving in to having an eating disorder.

Appearance is an issue in our culture and society yet let’s focus on God and not allow the issue of looks to consume us.  Let us seek after God daily and make/keep Him the highest priority in our lives and by doing so, become not only inwardly beautiful, yet also pure and godly on the outside since we now follow God's standards of living and live/speak/act/think according to His word.  It amazes me how much of a healthier self esteem I have now that I care to live for God, serve Him, and have accepted His salvation and take my relationship with Him seriously.  God has and is correcting my view of myself and even how I view others and life in general and I actually like who I am now because God has transformed my life, removed my guilt, given me a new heart with new desires, set me free, changed my perspective, and built my character.  I am thankful for the work God has done and continues to do on my heart.

By committing your life to God, what do you have to lose?  Consider rather, everything you have to gain and treat your walk with the Lord as the priority above all other priorities!  Treasure Him and taste true freedom, true joy, true fulfillment, true restoration, and true forgiveness indeed; the sort of forgiveness where God has removed your guilt and acted on your behalf and shown you how He can change your heart.  God's forgiveness frees us and enables us to fall asleep every night in peace, knowing our lives in their entirety are in God's hands and we no longer have to fall asleep with an upset stomach or an ulcer because we know God will take care of everything, in His perfect and trustworthy way and timing.

God is reliable, good, true, and faithful.


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