Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Relationship that Lasts

God is worthy of our total commitment and praise.  Nothing is more important than having a real relationship with Him through the salvation Jesus accomplished on behalf of sinners.

I read the next two quotes on Pinterest recently:

"Life begins once Jesus is the reason you live it."

"Christianity doesn't change a person.  Christ does."

A few questions worth pondering:  What does this world have to offer that is worth taking precedence over a real relationship with God?  What is worth living for on this earth that would hinder your spiritual growth and be a distraction from serving God the way God's word calls a believer to?  If Christianity requires a daily commitment, total surrender, heartfelt trust (which is built over time), and real faith (not blind faith, yet solid faith based on actual facts and evidence), is it a poor choice to treat God halfheartedly or worth being lukewarm about your commitment to Him?

Take a marriage relationship for example.  I can assure you that if we treated our marriages the way we treat our walk with God (Spending time in worship and hearing God's word expounded for only a few hours once a week, saying a few prayers throughout the day that basically add up to, "Lord, bless my family, take care of me, protect me and keep me safe on my drive to work, and help people in need", not sharing with God what is on our heart or learning what is on His heart through the Bible, doing things we know we shouldn't and not doing the things we know we should...), they wouldn't last.

I love the following quote I recently read:  "A Christ-centered relationship is a relationship that lasts."

Isn't that great?  If applied, you would literally have the best of both worlds!  God would be the center and focus of your marriage, and in keeping God the center and focus of each of your lives, you would witness the beauty of a transformed heart, life, desires, goals, wants, etc. in your spouse and they too would see such change in you.


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