Monday, April 22, 2013

Transformation Takes Time

God is aware of everything we would like in life.  He is the God of the impossible who hears our every prayer and can be trusted to answer in the best and most perfect way and timing.  It took me a while to realize that God does hear our cries and prayers, as we pray them, yet His delays make it appear as if He has not heard and we may then be tempted to take matters into our own hands and try to bring about what we are asking for in our own strength and resources...bad decision.

If God is all knowing, sovereign, faithful, trustworthy, and good, why do we not trust that committing our wants, needs, goals, and desires to Him is the safest place to be?  God is aware of what we desire and He always answers with a "No", "Yes" or "Wait".  I am actually thankful for all the times God has said no about something!  Oh, the pain and wasted time it spared me.

Though, waiting for God to move in our lives in ways that we know He will, such as sanctifying, purging, refining, and restoring us is difficult, right?  Of course!  Transformation takes time.  A butterfly isn’t a beautiful butterfly fluttering about overnight!  It has to go through the stages of metamorphosis.
We must consciously keep in mind that God sees the end from the beginning; He knows why He delays in answering.  And so often, He is answering right before our's just in the manner and course of every day life, bringing about transformation, change, and blessings over time and as the days pass.  My mom likes to say, "If we want a degree, it takes time.  We have to do our part which often includes sacrifice, giving up what we want to do at the time to concentrate on what we know is right (like studying and plenty of hard work!), going to class, finishing all school work, and being diligent with what we are called to work on...and then within time, we get to enjoy our degree and begin working at a job we enjoy and have long awaited!"

Similarly, let us keep our eyes focused on God, His word, and nurture our spiritual growth daily through the reading of God’s word, honest and heartfelt prayer, worshiping God for the beauty and majesty of who He is, offering Him a heart of gratitude, weekly attendance at a Bible-believing church, having godly friendships that we can be kept accountable to and grow spiritually with, seeking godly counsel if needed, and walking in repentance as we stay clear away from that which we know will cause us to stumble…and as time passes, we will bear fruit (Galatians 5: 22-23), grow in our relationship with God as He brings us through situations in life with the intent of teaching us what He intends for us to learn, and learning to trust God, rely upon Him, and treasure Him above “earthly pleasures” more over time.

So let the truth of God's perfect timing be a comfort to you and a motivation to realize that God indeed is a good, wise, sovereign, faithful, and trustworthy God who always has our best interest in mind.  Whether we get what we are asking for or not!

Like Timothy Keller said, “…God will either give us what we ask for or He will give us something better for us!”

We can trust Him!


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