Friday, April 19, 2013

Carrying Guilt

For those of you who may carry guilt from the past and therefore avoid God because of it...

Here is a short conversation I had with a friend recently where I wrote the following through text on my cell phone:

" have mentioned a few times in the past that you are asking God to send you to hell and to press the delete button on your life because that is what you deserve.  I am unsure if you still feel that way or not, though as I thought about it earlier, I realized that asking God to "press the delete button" on our lives as if doing so would turn us to dust and boom! we would be erased forever is NOT even a Biblical doctrine.  The Bible makes it clear that there are only two options for eternity; heaven and hell.  And to say that we are asking God to send us to hell because that is what we deserve is actually a form of pride because it is saying that Jesus Christ's death and resurrection is not sufficient to cover our sins, our guilt, and our past!  I mean all of this gently and respectfully, yet sternly and in an exhorting manner as well."

If any readers of the Emma Joy Blog have questions about God, Christianity, the Bible, the Christian walk, how Christianity differs from other religions, etc, please do not hesitate to write to me and I will gratefully seek to help you see such from a Biblical point of view through the knowledge I have gleaned over my time spent reading and studying God’s precious word!  :


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