Saturday, March 16, 2013

Building the Right Foundation for Marriage

The following was taken from “Joining the next generation” by Denny Kenaston.  The advice offered is very wise and must be taken to heart!

“…lets sum it up this way.  Let me give you a very simple, little equation:  Sensuous clothes, plus flirting, plus the dating game, equals fornication and divorce!  Do you want that?  That is a foundation that many young people are playing with.  We shouldn’t be surprised that the divorce rate is fifty percent (among “Christians”).  We shouldn’t be surprised that young people in the church are falling into fornication.  We shouldn’t be surprised when marriages end up breaking up because of adultery.  We shouldn’t be surprised at all.  We allowed our young people to play the game, they’ve been practicing, they’ve been meditating upon it, and no wonder they end up doing it in their very real life.  In conclusion, the sad part of all this premature play at love is the immorality that it breeds upon those who claim to be Christians.  This brings more devastation into the marriage.  It is heart breaking to look at all of it together.  Imagine the scenario: two young people come to that glorious day of their wedding.  They are filled with all the hopes and dreams of a good life together.  And everyone is happy for them.  They both have some of this “baggage” that they carried along with them into their marriage because no one watched over them.  The hurts are there from previous relationships, fear and mistrust are standing right beside the hurts, remembering the pain of those past relationships.  They have plenty of fleshly desires cultivated during the many fun days of playing in the field, in addition, they both have their ideas about what a man or a woman is really like filed away from all their past experiences for their future responses.  By God’s grace, some will make it through all of this and secure a happy marriage after they wade their way through all that mess, if they knuckle down and work their way through it.  But on the other hand, many will not make it.  We all know the statistics don’t we?  Parents, we have some responsibility in this.  I’m pleading with you.  We can save our children years of heartache if we will just get involved, direct their lives through those crucial years, and I plead with you again at the end: lay the foundation so that you have the freedom to get involved in your children’s courtship and marriage.  Lay the foundation with proper teaching so that when that day comes, everything’s free and clear and open and nobody is saying, “What are you doing speaking up?  What do you mean I can’t see him anymore?  Who do you think you are?”  Get rid of all of that and lay a good, solid foundation so that your young people know, MY dad and MY mom are going to be involved when it’s time for me to get married because they love me. …”


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